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Security & Service.

Car-Net Security & Service.

Safety on the road.

Be more at ease on the road with “Security & Service”. This Car-Net service package offers mobile access to important vehicle functions and connects flexibility and transparency, increasing your comfort level. Whether you’re using Service Scheduling, Automatic Accident Notification, Breakdown Call or Online Anti-Theft Alarm: Your personal services support you in any situation and provide you with essential information regarding your mobility.

The e-Manager offers additional services for electric and hybrid vehicles, such as controlled charging or air conditioning.

Overview of all Security & Service offerings:

Security & Service Emergency Call Service offerings:

Car-Net Notruf-Service.

There for you whenever you need it. You can count on us.

The “Emergency Call Service” helps you in an emergency situation. In bad accidents, such as when the airbag is deployed, an emergency call is triggered automatically. If your Volkswagen registers an accident, the service will establish a connection to the Volkswagen emergency call centre and transmit important information to the first responders. You also have the option to send out an emergency call by manually pressing a button.
  • Communicates relevant data to the Volkswagen Emergency Call Centre in order to ensure prompt medical attention
  • Ensures personal support until help arrives
  • Can be used to call for help if other road users are involved in an accident
  • Is active as soon as you receive your vehicle - no registration required

Security & Service Basic services:

Car-Net Vehicle Health Report

It’s reassuring when your vehicle does a self-check.

The Vehicle Health Report provides information on your vehicle’s current status, for instance, before you leave on a trip. It lists existing alerts and due or overdue scheduled maintenance and saves these. In addition, it displays the current status of your driver assistance systems.
  • Creates automatic reports after a pre-determined period or distance
  • Sends notifications via e-mail as soon as a vehicle report has been automatically generated.
  • If a manual vehicle report is requested, it will be created as soon as the vehicle is online
  • Shows status information such as tyre pressure, current fluid levels, brake wear and service intervals
Car-Net Service Scheduling

Our service: Tailored to your needs.

So that you can have the most fun driving while feeling safe, Volkswagen will help you schedule your service appointments. As soon as it is time for scheduled maintenance, the dates from your Volkswagen will be transmitted to your preferred service provider. You will then be contacted by your mechanic, making it easy to schedule an appointment.

  • Informs you of pending service requirements
  • Quickly find and select your Volkswagen authorised workshop from the We Connect portal
Car-Net Breakdown Call

Keeping you mobile, no matter what happens.

In the event of a breakdown, we’ll get to you quickly. Simply press a button in the vehicle to activate the Breakdown Call and send your location and vehicle information to the Volkswagen Call Centre. A staff member will then help you to identify the cause of the breakdown or will dispatch a service vehicle to you if the problem cannot be solved immediately.

Car-Net Automatic Accident Notification

This service responds on cue.

Your Volkswagen now makes sure that help is quickly on its way. When the collision sensors detect a slight accident, this service offers you support. If the Service is activated, your vehicle data will be transmitted to the Volkswagen Call Centre or the Volkswagen Emergency Service following your confirmation. A Call Centre agent will speak with you to determine the next steps.

  • Provides rapid and professional support in the case of damage
  • Provides the Volkswagen Emergency Service with important information
  • Contacts a Volkswagen dealership on request
  • In the case of a serious incident, immediately activates the “Emergency Call Service”

Security & Service Plus services:

Car-Net Driving Data

Optimise your consumption.

Many of your personal driving data at a glance: see your average speed and travel time so that you can optimise your consumption.

  • Easy access to driving data from anywhere
  • See your average journey time, speed, route travelled and average consumption
  • Data is updated after each trip
Car-Net Doors & Lights

Peace of mind. All the time.

With the “Doors & Lights” service, you can use the app to reassure yourself that your Volkswagen’s doors are closed and locked and that the parking lights are off. Feel safe and secure with a quick glance.

  • Call up data via your app or We Connect
Car-Net Vehicle Status

Make sure you’re up-to-date.

See a clearly laid-out overview of all your vehicle’s important data – wherever you are. Use your smartphone to make sure you know what your remaining driving range is or the current mileage.

  • Easily access vehicle data from anywhere
  • Stay informed of your current mileage
  • Provides information on the remaining driving range
  • Notifies you of upcoming inspection and oil change
Car-Net Parking Position

Save yourself time and distance.

Forgotten where you’ve parked your Volkswagen? With the “Parking Position” service, simply touch your smartphone display and it’ll show you where you parked. And the quickest way to get to it, if needed.

  • Shows where you last parked
  • Simply use the app or the We Connect portal to show you
  • Shows you how to get to your car
  • Share your parking position with friends
Car-Net Area Alert

Helping you keep sight of what’s important to you.

The Area Alert Service lets you stay on top of things. You get automatic notifications when your vehicle is driven in or leaves certain areas at specified times. You can establish, activate and deactivate up to ten areas for dynamic validity periods via the We Connect portal.

  • Activates one-off or recurring validity periods
  • Uses selected notification channels for notifications if rules are broken
  • Use the app to easily change settings for area alerts
Car-Net Speed Alert

You set the speed.

No need to worry. With the "Speed Alert" service, you can activate selected speed limits which the driver of your vehicle should follow. You are automatically notified if the defined speed is exceeded. 

  • Can be easily managed via the app or the Car-Net portal
  • Activates one-off or recurring validity periods
  • Can be deactivated for selected notification channels
Car-Net Horn & Turn Signals

Be noticed from a distance.

The "Horn & Turn Signals" service lets you remote control the horn and hazard warning lights via the We Connect app.

doors using your app.

Car-Net Lock & Unlock
Using your smartphone as a remote control, you can conveniently lock and unlock the doors and boot. Even from a distance. This way, your partner can put the groceries in the boot and get comfortable, if you’re running late.
  • Open and close the doors and boot of your vehicle using the app
  • Know whether or not the vehicle is locked through the display of the lock icon
  • Identify authorised users using the S-PIN

Note: This service is available in vehicles with the "Security & Service" service, for models ordered on or after 1 January 2019. The “Lock & Unlock” service is a secure service and requires that your identity be verified via the Volkswagen Ident process. You identification will be verified by a Volkswagen partner or via video chat.

Car-Net Online Anti-Theft Alarm

Alerts you if something happens.

Sit back and relax: your Volkswagen can look out for itself. If someone tries to break into your vehicle, the Volkswagen We Connect app will send a notification to your smartphone or via e-mail, and will include the exact circumstances of the incident. 

  • Provides the time that the anti-theft alarm was triggered and reason for it
  • Notification by email and/or push to smartphone
  • Offers an overview of previously logged alarm reports

Note: Only works if you have the optional anti-theft alarm with the Safelock feature.

Car-Net Online Auxiliary Heater

Warm up the interior before you get into your vehicle.

Use the app or We Connect portal to activate the “Online Auxiliary Heater” service, warming up your vehicle’s interior before you get in. Simply programme the departure time of your next trip or create a practical weekly schedule, and you can depend on your heating to meet your needs.

  • Conveniently use via app and We Connect portal
  • Practical programming of a weekly schedule
  • Start your drive at a comfortable temperature
  • Helps when your windscreen is fogged up or covered in frost

Note: Only available with the optional auxiliary heating feature, for models ordered on or after 28 April 2017 (not for Golf GTE / Passat GTE).

e-Manager services:

(Only available for electric and hybrid vehicles)

Car-Net Charging

Stay on top of things.

With the “Charging” service, you can check the battery’s current state of charge and stop and start the battery-charging process. Right from the comfort of your sofa. Use your computer or smartphone to keep track of everything, any time.

  • Overview of the current state of charge
  • Remaining driving range is displayed
  • Charging can be programmed
  • Informs you of the status of the charging plug
1. Fuel consumption in l/100 km: combined 1.8 ‐ 1.6; electricity consumption in kWh/100 km: combined 12.0 ‐ 11.4; CO₂ emissions combined in g/km: 40 ‐ 36; efficiency class: A
Car-Net Departure Time

Ready when you are.

Goes easy on your battery and your electricity bill: Use the service “Departure Time” to optimise the charging of your Volkswagen and choose when the battery should be charged.

  • No unnecessary charging
  • Create different charging profiles
  • Easy to combine with other services (e.g. air conditioning)
  • Full battery when it is needed
Car-Net Air Conditioning

Ideal temperature at any time of the year.

The “Air conditioning” service ensures that the inside of your car is at a pleasant temperature even before you hit the road. Simply use your computer or mobile device to regulate the air conditioning without actually being in your vehicle.

  • Set the temperature quickly and easily
  • Conveniently use via app and We Connect portal
  • Displays both the outside temperature and target temperature
  • Always start your journey at the ideal temperature
1. Fuel consumption in l/100 km: combined 1.8 ‐ 1.6; electricity consumption in kWh/100 km: combined 12.0 ‐ 11.4; CO₂ emissions combined in g/km: 40 ‐ 36; efficiency class: A
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To use the “Security & Service” package, you need a Volkswagen user account in the We Connect portal and a smartphone to use the We Connect app. In addition, some services require certain technical components in the vehicle. For example, you will need an anti-theft alarm to use the Online Anti-Theft Alarm service.

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