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Activate Car-Net

Car-Net activation.

This is how you activate Car-Net.

Find out how to activate your online services via the We Connect app here.
Other options include activation via the infotainment system in your Volkswagen or via the portal.

Activation using the We Connect app.

Activating Car-Net services via the portal

It's easy to activate Volkswagen mobile online services using your smartphone: Quickly and easily create a user account using the We Connect app and access mobile online services from your vehicle.

In these written instructions, we show you the individual steps that are required.

Activating Car-Net services using the app

Activation using your infotainment system.

Does your Volkswagen have the Car-Net ‘Guide & Inform’ service bundle? You can then quickly and easily activate our online services from your parked vehicle by using your infotainment system. In these written instructions, we guide you through the activation process.

Creating an Internet connection.

In addition to having an active Car-Net licence, you need an Internet connection in your vehicle in order to benefit from all mobile online services. Various options are available, depending on your vehicle’s equipment. This video introduces the available options and goes through each of the steps.

If you’d like to read through the instructions, please find downloadable written instructions below.

Activating Car-Net services via the portal

Activation via the portal.

Would you like to set up Car-Net from the comfort of your home? No problem. Use your home PC or tablet and access the versatile world of Car-Net services.

We Connect app teaser

The We Connect app.

Connect to your Volkswagen: enjoy all the benefits of
Car-Net and We Connect in one app.

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