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VW Touareg R line, white

Experience connectivity.

Fully connected. The Touareg.

The internet and digital networking have become a part of our day-to-day, so why should you have to do without when you’re in your car? That’s why Car-Net’s1 mobile online services are included in the Touareg - they’re available as soon as you activate them and have been brought to a whole new level: maximum connectivity.

  • Always on

    Experience connectivity.

    A built-in eSIM card ensures access to the internet and therefore also to the world of Car-Net’s online services. This way you will always stay informed of the latest and greatest and enjoy non-stop entertainment.

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  • Comfort

    Glide smoothly through your day-to-day.

    Car-Net keeps you better informed, faster. Enjoy a stress-free drive when you take a route that is adapted to the current traffic conditions, and arrive relaxed. During your drive, if you so desire, you can have the news read to you or use the Internet Radio to listen to your favourite radio station, even when you’re out of the broadcast area, and then, when you reach your destination, you can save time by being directed straight to an empty spot in a car park or to an official parking lot.

  • Real-time

    Always a step ahead.

    Take advantage of an intelligent and forward-looking route calculator and make your driving even more efficient. Before you even start your trip, your route will be updated in real-time via a traffic server and will be continuously adjusted based on traffic flow. So that you always reach your destination using the best route.

  • Safety

    It’s comforting to know that help is on its way when you’re in an emergency situation.

    The emergency call, which is automatically triggered when the airbag is deployed or the seatbelt tensioners are activated, shows are important smart networks are in an emergency. Even with Breakdown Call, Automatic Accident Notification and Online Anti-Theft Alarm, “Security & Service” guarantees your safety around the clock.

  • Entertainment

    Brings your apps to your vehicle.

    In the Touareg, thanks to App-Connect, you can connect your smartphone with the infotainment system and use several apps while you’re on the road. Volkswagen Media Control allows your passengers to also determine the programme using their mobile device.

Shot of VW Touareg in action from the side

Guide & Inform Premium

If you’re looking for exciting destinations nearby, you can get up-to-date traffic information right from the internet, and much, much more. In the exclusive “Guide & Inform Premium” Touareg package, the new Internet Radio and Hybrid Radio services bring unlimited entertainment to your vehicle. Thanks to the Online Route Calculation, 3D City Maps in selected cities, Satellite Maps and incremental online map updates, navigation has become more intelligent and easier to use. Not only can you display current news, you can also have it read to you in the comfort of your vehicle.

  • Web- & Hybridradio

    Unlimited entertainment.

    No matter where you are, you no longer have to miss out on your favourite radio programmes and podcasts thanks to the Internet Radio. If you are using a conventional radio to listen to a station and you leave the broadcast area, the Hybrid Radio function will automatically switch from land-based reception to internet streaming. Your favourite radio programme will continue to play without a hitch.
    To enjoy the Internet Radio and Hybrid Radio services, you have to purchase eSIM data packets or use your own data connection.To enjoy the Web Radio and Hybrid Radio services, you have to purchase eSIM data packets or use your own data connection.

  • Intelligent navigation

    Arrive relaxed.

    The Touareg makes navigation more intelligent and easier to use. The Online Route Calculation provides you with the best route using continuous prognoses from the get-go and helps you arrive relaxed. The display options for the high-resolution 3D City Maps and the photo-realistic satellite maps make each trip experience new and exciting and ensure that you will find your way.

  • WLAN hotspot

    Comfortably connected.

    Especially when it comes to long road trips, nobody wants to do without the benefits of the internet. The Touareg provides an integrated WLAN hotspot and allows you and your passengers to use an internet connection – whether you’re sending an e-mail, streaming a movie or getting your favourite team’s latest scores: Relax and surf with up to 8 user devices. To use the WLAN hotspot, you have to purchase eSIM data packets or use your own data connection.

VW Touareg father and son playing football

Security & Service

Be more at ease on the road with “Security & Service”. This Car-Net service package offers mobile access to important vehicle functions and connects flexibility and transparency, increasing your comfort level. Whether you’re using Service Scheduling, Automatic Accident Notification, Breakdown Call, Online Auxiliary Heater or Online Anti-Theft Alarm System: Your personal services support you in almost any situation and provide you with essential information regarding your mobility.

  • Emergency Call Service

    Always there for you.

    The “Emergency Call Service” helps you in an emergency situation. In bad accidents, such as when the airbag is deployed, an emergency call is triggered automatically. If your Volkswagen registers an accident, the service will establish a connection to the Volkswagen emergency call centre and transmit important information to the first responders. You also have the option to send out an emergency call by manually pressing a button.

  • Service Scheduling

    Our service: Tailored to your needs.

    So that you can have the most fun driving while feeling safe, Volkswagen will help you schedule your service appointments. As soon as it is time for scheduled maintenance, the dates from your Volkswagen will be transmitted to your preferred service provider. You will then be contacted by your mechanic, making it easy to schedule an appointment.

  • Online Anti-Theft Alarm

    Alerts you if something happens.

    Sit back and relax: your Volkswagen can look out for itself. If someone tries to break into your vehicle, the Volkswagen We Connect app will send a notification to your smartphone or via e-mail, and will include the exact circumstances of the incident.

  • Online Auxiliary Heater

    Warm up the interior before you get into your vehicle.

    Use the We Connect app or We Connect portal to activate the “Online Auxiliary Heater” service, warming up your vehicle’s interior before you get in. Simply programme the departure time of your next trip or create a practical weekly schedule, and you can depend on your heating to meet your needs.

    Note: Only works if you have the auxiliary heating feature.

This is how you access your apps from your vehicle.

We Connect app teaser

The We Connect app.

Connect to your Volkswagen: enjoy all the benefits of
Car-Net and We Connect in one app.

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