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General terms of use.

All information on the websites of Volkswagen AG has been carefully checked. Volkswagen AG strives to see to it that the content of these websites is up-to-date and accurate. However, we cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy, up-to-dateness, or constant availability of these websites. Insofar as advice or recommendations are given on the websites of Volkswagen AG, Volkswagen AG shall – without prejudice to any responsibility arising under the laws of contract, tort, or legal provisions of another nature – not be obligated to compensate for any harm or loss suffered by following the advice or recommendation.

Volkswagen AG may – at any time, without notice, and at its discretion – change the offerings on its websites or discontinue them. Volkswagen AG is under no obligation to keep the contents of these websites current and up-to-date at all times.

Volkswagen AG assumes no responsibility for the contents and the availability of third party websites that are accessible through external links. Volkswagen AG expressly dissociates itself from any content potentially giving rise to liability, criminal or otherwise, or that is contrary to good morals.

Volkswagen AG shall not be held liable for the content of third party websites. Regarding all claims for damages or reimbursement for expenses that are based on the offerings on its own websites and violations of duties for which it is legally responsible, Volkswagen AG shall be liable for its ordinary negligence in breaching essential contractual duties, whereby such liability shall be limited to the damages that are both foreseeable and typical. All other liability is excluded for breaches of duty involving no more than ordinary negligence. The preceding liability disclaimer does not apply to cases involving liability without fault, to liability for injury to life, body, or health, or to liability under the Product Liability Law.

All rights of Volkswagen AG and of third parties under intellectual property law, including the laws of copyright, names, and trademarks, shall be respected when using the websites of Volkswagen AG. The protection of such laws extends without limitation to the images, music, and trademarks (such as “Volkswagen” and “Golf”) used by Volkswagen AG. No granting of any license or other right of use shall be inferred from the accessibility of the websites of Volkswagen AG. All improper use of the websites of Volkswagen AG is prohibited; users shall in particular:

  • not circumvent any safety or security measures,
  • not use any equipment or facilities or run any applications that may damage the equipment or facilities or disrupt their functioning, in particular by modifying the physical or logical structure of the servers or the network of Volkswagen AG or by modifying other networks or their server structure,
  • not incorporate the websites of Volkswagen AG or any part thereof into other advertising, whether private or commercial, and not use them for any commercial purpose.

Volkswagen is neither committed nor obliged to participate in dispute resolution before a consumer arbitration board.

Wolfsburg, June 2017

Terms of use in Advice & Purchase.

Find out everything you need to know about general terms of use with respect to services provided by Volkswagen Advice & Purchase.

1. Performance and warranty of the information services
The information service offered via the websites of Volkswagen AG has a mean availability over one year of 97.5%. Volkswagen AG reserves the right to expand, reduce or alter the functionality of the service or parts of thereof at any time.

The new vehicle configurator allows you to configure your vehicle to your specifications. You can select a vehicle to match your requirements from a stock of ready-manufactured vehicles from the marketplace for new cars. For configured vehicles and new vehicles from the inventory, you can save up to five vehicles in so-called parking spaces, where you can save the respective vehicles along with their detailed information. These data are deleted six months after you last modified the saved data. If you provided us with your e-mail address, we will send you an e-mail notification 2 weeks prior to the deletion. Volkswagen AG assumes neither responsibility nor guarantee for the future manufacturability of a configured vehicle. New vehicles from the market for used vehicles may no longer be available in the meantime. Offerings from the new vehicle configurator and the new vehicle market are not binding.

Information contained on these websites has been compiled by Volkswagen AG in a conscientious and thorough manner and are for customer information purposes only. The information provided is non-binding and is subject to change at any time. Volkswagen AG provides no guarantee as to the results that can be obtained by using the information given, in particular with regard to its accuracy, currency and completeness. Please check all information before using it in any way. Binding information can only be provided in response to specific enquiries.

2. Services from group companies and other third parties
Volkswagen AG websites may contain links to websites that are operated by third parties. Volkswagen AG does not endorse the contents available on third party websites to which it links and assumes no responsibility for its contents.

Some of the information services are provided by our partners. Please note that the General Terms and Conditions of our partners to apply for these services. Volkswagen AG is not responsible for these contents; it is agreed that the providers of such outside services are not agents of Volkswagen AG.

Within Volkswagen Advice & Purchase you may receive offers on insurance and financing relating to the vehicle from the Volkswagen Bank and Volkswagen Insurance Services. You may additionally have the value of your vehicle assessed. Volkswagen Advice & Purchase brings you to an external provider for this purpose. The value calculated by one of our partners may vary from the specific market value of your vehicle or from the used vehicle price which may be able to be obtained in your region. Correspondingly, the price of a Volkswagen partner may vary from the estimation. The Volkswagen partner is not bound to such a calculation of a value.

3. Permitted use of services
You are obliged to comply with the laws of copyright, names, trademarks, and other third-party proprietary rights. For example, the entire content of the Volkswagen AG website is protected, as are brand names such as “Volkswagen” and “Golf”. Neither this website nor these General Terms of Use are to be understood as imparting any kind of licence or other right to Volkswagen AG copyrights.

You commit to refraining from any improper use of the services, in particular to not bypass any safety precautions stated in the information service, to not use any facilities or execute any applications that lead or could lead to damage to the facilities within Volkswagen AG, in particular by making changes to the physical or logistical structure or the servers or network of Volkswagen AG or other networks; you also commit to refraining from integrating the information services or parts thereof into other websites – either private or commercial – and from using the services commercially.

4. Agreeing to the use of cookies
Cookies are stored on your computer when you visit the Volkswagen AG website. You can determine how cookies are used and the extent to which they are used in your own computer settings (this is usual in browsers such as Internet Explorer). Volkswagen AG assumes that you consent to the use of cookies if your browser is set to enable cookies. Please consult the page with our data privacy statement with regard to data privacy.

5. Liability
Volkswagen AG shall only be held liable for criminal intent, gross negligence, in line with the Product Liability Act as well as for the lack of guaranteed features. In cases of minor negligence Volkswagen AG accepts liability only in the event of infringement of an essential (contractual) obligation, whereby the sum of any related claims for damages is limited to the extent of the foreseeable loss.

6. Password
The password you choose and which is necessary for use, may not contain any obvious repetitions of the same character and may not consist of generally familiar words and names. The password you choose is to remain secret, in order to prevent misuse. As soon as you have reason to believe that unauthorised third parties have gained knowledge of your password, you must change it immediately. If the service is accessed by third parties using the password, then you have the same obligation as if you were using it yourself. This obligation shall not apply to the extent, to which you were not responsible for the third party use.

7. Changes to the scope of performance and to the General Terms of Use and cancellation
Volkswagen AG has the right at all times to make changes to the General Terms of Use and the services offered. You will be informed promptly of any changes made by means of a notice on the homepage of the service. Should your rights be affected by any such alteration of the General Terms of Use, you may make an objection any time up to two weeks after their introduction. After this period of grace, the modified General Terms of Use shall be considered valid and no further objection will be accepted. Should you make an objection to the alteration within the deadline, the former General Terms of Use will continue to apply. However, Volkswagen AG is then entitled to cancel your usage of the service with a notice period of two weeks to the end of the month.

8. Choice of law
German law applies to the use of services, as well as the General Terms of Use, excluding any provisions that conflict with the law.