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We Connect - Fleet management.

Fleet management.

1. The vehicle is a concept study close to series production.
We Connect Fleet management - A strong team

A strong team.

Want to make your business even more efficient? Use digital services to help manage your fleet. We Connect Fleet can now take care of your logbook entries, fuel consumption and efficiency analysis and automatically sends service and warnings to the fleet manager and driver.

It's quick and easy for your drivers to record all journeys and fill-ups with the We Connect App. Thanks to the central web portal, your fleet manager can view all data at a glance and your fleet is always operational.

We Connect - Record distances automatically in the logbook.

Fuel Logbook

Fast recording and monitoring of fuel costs. The Fuel Logbook allows the driver to record fuel stops and forwards the data to the fleet manager.

We Connect - Fuel costs at a glance.

Digital logbook

With the digital logbook you can digitally record journeys with minimal effort. The app can save the logbook entries automatically, and these can be viewed in the portal by the fleet manager. Journeys can be exported by driver and by vehicle.

We Connect - Document vehicle locations and routes.

GPS Tracking & Route Information

Keep an eye on your vehicles at all times. With GPS and route tracking, journeys can be documented in detail and vehicle locations displayed clearly.

We Connect - Keep your fleet operational.

Maintenance Management

Keep your fleet operational. With maintenance management, the vehicle autonomously sends service and warning messages to the web portal. Quick and direct forwarding of service requirements to the preferred authorised workshop can minimise downtimes.

We Connect - Analyse and compare driving style.

Fleet Driving Efficiency

Allows the fleet manager to compare the driving efficiency of individual vehicles for commercial trips. The criteria are efficient driving style and material protection.

We Connect - Analyse consumption and utilise savings potential.

Consumption Analyser

Identify and utilise the possible savings for your fleet: evaluate the fuel consumption and mileage of your vehicles and optimise your fleet.

1. The vehicle is a concept study close to series production.

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