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We Connect - Comfort


We Connect Dienste Komfort - Wie für Sie gemacht

Feels like it was made for you.

Need the car, but your partner's got the key? Just get it sent to you by smartphone. With personalisation, your personal settings are activated in an instant. Feel at home – even on the way to work: Just say “Drive me to work” and your Volkswagen will start navigation. After all, it understands you better than ever. That’s teamwork.

We Connect - Pre-heat your vehicle before your trip with your smartphone

Online Auxiliary Heater

On cold days, you can pre-warm your car whilst you are still having breakfast. The Online Auxiliary Heater* service also allows you to configure departure times via the We Connect app, so that your vehicle will always be heated and de-iced when you want to set off without affecting your battery level.

* Only works if you have the auxiliary heating feature.

We Connect - Your smartphone becomes a car key.

Mobile key

No more searching for keys - your smartphone acts as a mobile key*, opening and starting your Volkswagen in an instant. Send additional digital keys to your friends and family members to make it easy for them to use your vehicle.

* Only available with the optional navigation system “Discover Pro” and in conjunction with the We Connect app. Five free mobile keys are available to start with for the Passat and the Arteon and, once the function has been purchased, five mobile keys are also available for the Golf. Mobile keys can be redeemed within the first four years of conclusion of the We Connect contract. The transfer of a mobile key requires a key sender identity check through the Volkswagen Ident procedure. Following installation on a compatible smartphone, the mobile key has a one-year validity period tied to the device.

We Connect - Simply take your personalised settings with you.


Your Volkswagen recognises you and once you have set up your VW ID account and logged in for the first time in your vehicle. It automatically activates your personal settings for numerous systems, including seat, light, air conditioning, infotainment, navigation and driver assistance, depending on your equipment level. Maximum comfort when changing vehicles and for different users.

We Connect - Manage vehicle functions using voice control.

Online voice control

With the optional voice control online upgrade, you can enhance your vehicle’s voice control. Select your favourite music online, search for your favourite internet radio station with voice command, and take advantage of the intuitive destination input while navigating. In the new Golf, you can also dictate emails or have them read out to you or operate your in-car apps – without taking your eyes off the road.

We Connect - Deliver packages to your Volkswagen.

We Deliver

We Deliver provides service partners with easy and secure access to your vehicle. This means, for example, that you can have packages delivered directly to the luggage compartment, leaving you free to enjoy your day. Available in the UK mid 2020.

Even more benefits for you.

We Connect app teaser

The We Connect app.

Connect to your Volkswagen: enjoy all the benefits of
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