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Discover We Connect.

Discover We Connect.

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1. Passat GTE Estate: fuel consumption, l/100 km: combined 1.7 - 1.6; electricity consumption, kWh/100 km: combined 15.7 - 15.1; CO₂ emissions, g/km: combined 39-37; efficiency class: A+

Simply stay connected. With We Connect services.

No matter what comes up – We Connect gets you to your destination feeling relaxed. The smart online services assist you in your day-to-day life – even when you’re not sitting in your car. Thanks to the built in eSIM card, your Volkswagen is online from the outset and connected to you around the clock via the We Connect app. Planning a business trip or an outing with the family? With the right services for every situation, you've got space to think about what matters.

  • Navigation

    Get there feeling even more relaxed.

    Plan your next trip in the comfort of your sofa and simply send your destinations straight to your vehicle. Find out traffic information in real time to get the best possible route for you. Reach your destination feeling more relaxed with our smart assistants.

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  • Comfort

    Make life easy for yourself.

    Personalise the feel of your Volkswagen and get vehicle functions/ information with ease using the We Connect app. Get packages delivered straight to your luggage compartment, for instance (available in the UK mid 2020). Nice and simple. With We Connect.

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  • Entertainment

    Stay tuned in.

    Listen to live broadcasts and podcasts via internet radio. Stream your favourite music and enjoy all the freedoms of a Wi-Fi hotspot. With We Connect in your infotainment system, you can take the entertainment factor to a new level.

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  • Security

    Leave nothing to chance.

    Rely on automatic help and personal assistance in an emergency. Guide roadside assistance to your location at the touch of a button. Sleep better at night – with the online anti-theft alarm. You can rely on We Connect.

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  • Vehicle view

    Stay on top of things.

    Control the doors and lights in your Volkswagen via your smartphone. See where your vehicle is located, optimise your driving behaviour and check available vehicle data wherever you go. So you can keep an eye on what matters.

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  • Fleet management

    Stay in business.

    Manage your fleet digitally. Minimise the effort involved in logbook entries, service management and efficiency analysis. Smart tools make everything easier. And simply more efficient.

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Four steps to your connected car.

Give your new Golf an upgrade.

As a We Connect customer, you can purchase and download handy functions and services straight from the In-Car Shop in your infotainment system. Just like you’re used to doing with your smartphone. Whether it’s Amazon Alexa3 or We Score: Discover these in-car apps and other downloadable functions that will help bring your new Golf into the digital future. It’s even easy to extend the We Connect Plus license for your vehicle via the In-Car Shop, so you can enjoy using the whole range of We Connect mobile online services for an additional one or two years.

We Upgrade - Always up-to-date

We Upgrade

With We Upgrade4, you can equip your Volkswagen with selected additional functions flexibly and at a later date.

We Connect app teaser

The We Connect app.

Connect to your Volkswagen: enjoy all the benefits of
Car-Net and We Connect in one app.

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