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Let Car-Net take you to exciting destinations.

Guide & Inform.

Car-Net Guide & Inform.

Your destination displayed in real-time.

Stay better informed on the road with Car-Net’s “Guide & Inform” services. If you’re looking for exciting destinations nearby, you can get up-to-date traffic information right from the internet, and much, much more.

Overview of all Guide & Inform services:

Guide & Inform Basic services:

Car-Net Online Traffic Information.

No traffic jams. No stress

With Online Traffic Information, almost real-time changes to your route are displayed showing up-to-date traffic information from the internet. This allows you to be informed of traffic disruptions ahead of time and the service will help you get around traffic jams.

  • An alternative route will be suggested automatically.
  • Provides up-to-date, straightforward information on the traffic situation, traffic jams, obstructions and traffic jam clearances
  • Traffic data is gathered online, virtually in real time
  • Based on the current traffic situation, the dynamic street guidance takes possible time savings into account.
  • Structured, colour-coded presentation
  • Select from classic map view or Google Earth™ satellite maps
Car-Net Online Destination Import

Never lose sight of your destination.

Online Destination Import allows you to send individual destinations to your vehicle’s navigation system prior to the start of your trip. The destinations can be imported via the Car-Net portal. An easy-to-view detailed page shows additional information and provides you with the option of allowing yourself to be guided straight to your destination.

  • Conveniently access saved destinations
  • Easily import your destination using the Car-Net app
  • Enough space to enter 100 special destinations
Car-Net Online Route Import

Carry your destination with you.

Be prepared: With the Online Route Import you can easily use routes in your Volkswagen that you’ve created on your PC or tablet. As soon as your navigation system is connected with the internet and has the necessary map data, you can import up to five routes created in the Car-Net portal.
  • Makes it easy to plan your route using your PC or tablet
  • Can record up to ten interim destinations per route
Car-Net Online POI search (text input)

Find something interesting, wherever you go.

Whether you’re looking for a bank, a boutique or a bistro: Online POI Search allows you to look for your personal favourites wherever you are using Google™. Data continuously updated from the internet ensures plenty of surprising and practical discoveries. Travelling is just more fun this way.
  • Data is permanently updated via online search (Google™)
  • All relevant points of interest in the vicinity at a glance
  • Discover new personal favourites
  • Find them faster, get there faster
Car-Net Parking Spaces

Find a parking space quickly.

With Parking Spaces you can conveniently look for suitable parking spaces in the vicinity of your vehicle’s current location without getting frustrated. The application shows the total number of spaces and the number of free parking spaces. In addition, the service provides information on prices, opening times and distances. Corresponding parking spaces are displayed on the map view of your radio navigation system.

  • Navigation to a suitable parking space can be started directly from the application
Car-Net Filling stations

Worry less about where you’ll fill up.

The filling stations service gives you stress-free information on filling stations in the immediate vicinity of your vehicle. Besides the location, the search results also provide information on fuel prices and opening times. The search can be started manually when required or automatically when the fuel tank drops below a pre-defined level. 

  • The service can navigate to the selected filling station if desired
  • Information is always up to date thanks to the link to a central database
Car-Net Charging Stations

Find a connection, no matter where you are.

With our Car-Net Charging Stations service (available for e-vehicles and hybrids) all your needs will be taken care of. The service finds the next available electric charging station and conveniently connects to your navigation system, ensuring that you will arrive at your destination relaxed and without any detours.

  • Provides a detailed overview of all charging stations in the driver’s vicinity.
  • Navigates to the selected electric charging station or integrates it into route guidance
  • Provides information about the power supply and distance from the charging stations
  • Offers the option to save the destination to be used for later navigation
1. Fuel consumption in l/100 km: combined 1.8 ‐ 1.6; electricity consumption in kWh/100 km: combined 12.0 ‐ 11.4; CO₂ emissions combined in g/km: 40 ‐ 36; efficiency class: A
Car-Net Vehicle Health Report

It’s reassuring when your vehicle does a self-check.

The Vehicle Health Report provides information on your vehicle’s current status, for instance, before you leave on a trip. It lists existing alerts and due or overdue scheduled maintenance and saves these.
  • Sends notifications via e-mail as soon as a vehicle report has been created.
  • If a vehicle report is requested, it will be created as soon as the vehicle is online
  • Shows status information such as tyre pressure, fluid levels, brake wear and service intervals
Car-Net News

News that you want to hear.

With the help of the News application you can get up-to-date information on issues that really interest you. The latest news from the providers you have already subscribed to is displayed on your navigation system screen. This means you can enjoy a relaxed journey without missing out on what's happening in the world.
  • Ten news subscriptions can be saved at the same time
Car-Net Weather

Find out what type of weather awaits you.

Thanks to the Weather service you can get up-to-date weather information for your current location, destination or other predefined places. The system also takes into consideration the expected time of arrival. All data is clearly displayed on the navigation system screen.
  • Information on the current temperature, wind conditions and a forecast for the next three days
  • The weather enquiry is always processed on the basis of the latest information available from the service provider
Car-Net Time Manager

Everything at the right time.

Seize the day. The Time Manager service is there to help. On your smartphone, it synchronises with your calendar and calculates the best time to leave, based on current traffic and navigation data. This means you always get to your appointment on time – and you can plan your day better. 

  • Accesses address information and entries in your personal calendar
  • Calculates your ideal departure time based on current traffic information and sends you a notification
  • Provides a detailed overview of suggested routes, upcoming appointments and preferred destinations

Additional Guide & Inform Plus services:

Car-Net Online POI search (voice control)

Request and discover new destinations.

Online POI search (voice control) allows you to look for your personal favourites wherever you are using Google™ - it’s voice activated. Data continuously updated from the internet ensures plenty of surprising and practical discoveries, making travelling even more fun. 

  • The simplest way to explore the area
  • Information is always up to date thanks to the link to Google™
  • Can be used together with the “Discover Pro” infotainment system
Car-Net Online Map Update

You’ll no longer miss out on anything.

Always up-to-date: The Online Map Update allows you to conveniently and easily load new navigation data to your Volkswagen infotainment system via the internet. As soon as updated maps are available, you will be informed of the data usage and the required storage space. The selected updates will then be downloaded and installed to your infotainment system.
  • Offers country-specific and regional updates
  • Also allows you to conveniently download the update via your WLAN network at home
  • Can be used together with the “Discover Pro” infotainment system
Car-Net Online Gracenote

Connect with your music.

Online Gracenote automatically displays the album cover of the song you’re playing. The covers are automatically saved to your infotainment system and can also be accessed offline later on.
  • Quickly identifies your music by accessing online data
  • Displays the album cover of your favourite music

Additional Guide & Inform Premium services:

*The Guide & Inform Premium services are only available for the Touareg. 

Take your favourite station with you wherever you go.

Car-Net Hybrid Radio
With the Hybrid Radio service, there will be no more dividing line between conventional and internet radio. If you leave the broadcast area, you will be able to keep listening to your favourite local broadcast thanks to the automatic transition to online streaming.
  • Activate the hybrid function just once for your seamless listening pleasure.
  • Enhance conventional radio (FM and DAB+) with online information
  • Switch back to the conventional broadcast when you reach the broadcast area
  • To use this service, you can obtain optional data packets through the mobile service provider Cubic.

Unlimited radio entertainment.

Car-Net Internet Radio

No matter where you are, you no longer have to miss out on your favourite radio programmes and podcasts thanks to the Internet Radio.

  • Listen to and discover an unlimited number of national and international radio stations and podcasts
  • Easy to find using the radio.net streaming databank
  • Total control over costs through optional data packets
  • To use this service, you can obtain optional data packets through the mobile service provider Cubic. 

Find your way around in cities.

Car-Net 3D City Maps
High-resolution 3D displays of your surroundings make navigation through selected cities easier and provide realistic impressions of attractions and streets.
  • A new inner-city navigation experience thanks to accurate 3D displays
  • Relevant city models are automatically loaded to the background of your navigation system
  • Intelligent storage management in the Cloud
  • Currently available in eight cities; offering continuously being expanded

Reach your destination the smart way.

Car-Net Online Route Calculation

Be informed and get there faster: The Online Route Calculation takes the current traffic situation into account and continuously recalculates your trip time from the start of your trip.

  • Intelligent route guidance by responding to changing conditions
  • Continuously monitors your trip with a high-performance traffic server
  • You can transfer back to conventional navigation at any time, such as when the service is unavailable

Find your way with realistic maps.

Car-Net Satellite Maps
Experience navigation using fascinating satellite images. This realistic display of your surroundings will make it easier to find your way and allow you to discover new favourite destinations.
  • Photographic displays of your surroundings
  • Make it easier to find your way
  • Loaded satellite images can be saved to the integrated hard drive in your infotainment system so that you can use them without actively connecting to data.
Car-Net “Discover Media” and “Discover Pro” navigation systems.

Devices compatible with Guide & Inform:

To be able to use Guide & Inform Car-Net services, your Volkswagen must have a navigation system. This includes “Discover Media” and “Discover Pro”, as well as Innovision Cockpit, available for the Touareg. This way you’ll be ready to use these practical online services. Additional requirements: A Volkswagen user account and a smartphone with internet access.

Together with the “Discover Pro” navigation system, we also recommend the “Business” mobile phone interface, which allows you to set up a WLAN hotspot in your Volkswagen. This way, you and your passengers will benefit from the wide range of Car-Net offerings. The CarStick LTE2 quickly and easily creates an internet connection and a WLAN hotspot in your Volkswagen for your “Discover Media” navigation system.

Additional services & packages.

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